Monday, August 25, 2014

Stay at Home Daughter on the Struggle for Emotional Purity

She desires to save all of the best of herself for the man she will one day marry.

She is guarding her heart. The goal: to remain pure.

Not just physically, but emotionally as well, for the one she will share her life with.

Is that even possible?

Is it realistic?

When our guy friend Reagan asked our daughters to share from a girl's perspective, their thoughts on the matter of emotional purity, 22 year old Emily took the opportunity to write him a detailed letter. Today Reagan is sharing this powerful letter over at The Arsenal, where he has been writing on the subject of emotional purity.

So single gals (and guys!) head on over to The Arsenal and prepare to be blessed, and enlightened regarding the heart of a young woman.

Moms, you might want to print this one off for your teens, and file it away for later if your children are younger.

Read The Struggle for Emotional Purity here.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Family Needed Corrie

Six girls. In a row. Wow.

When the ultrasound revealed we would be blessed with our sixth daughter in the summer of 1999, I began letting go of the idea of ever having a son. Contentment in this area was a hard lesson for me. We had already surrendered our family planning to the Lord, but this was somehow different.

Growing up, I had always been more comfortable hanging out with the boys. There was little drama involved and far less gossiping. Plus males seemed highly less offendable than most girls I knew. My best buddies were guys. So what on earth was I doing raising all these girls??? The Lord surely has a delightful sense of humor.

One of my favorite aspects of parenting is watching each child's personality emerge. Corrie Beth was her very own person from the beginning! She began showing her preferences at an early age and I believe it began with shoes. If she didn't like the shoes I had put on her, she would remove them when I wasn't looking. Then she began hiding them. At first I thought it was a coincidence. After all toddlers don't really do such things; do they?!

Then when she was two she began having melt-downs while I dressed her. She hadn't yet begun speaking (she never spoke before she was three years old!), but would babble and point to the dress I had put on her. She didn't like her clothes! Believing this to just be a "willfulness" issue, I explained that this is the dress God had provided and she would be wearing it today. She was also insistent that I change her clothes anytime she soiled her outfit. She would come to me with a frown face, pointing to a dirty spot on her dress, take my hand and lead me to her closet! What on earth?!

Today Corrie is fifteen years old. And now I get it. Those years of discontentment and pouting, along with incessant outfit changes finally make sense to me. She wasn't trying to be difficult. Or willful. She just has her own sense of style.

Our sixth daughter brings so much joy and care to our home! Some qualities that Corrie Beth demonstrates that truly bless this mom of a super-busy household, are her servant's heart and organizational skills coupled with diligence. She looks for opportunities to serve others and cleans and organizes like a professional. She sticks with a job till it is finished.

Corrie is also an aspiring interior decorator! Reading books from the library, gleaning ideas online and experimenting with various fabrics and designs, she decorates with a sense of style and flair unlike any of the other girls. For birthdays this year, she has presented a few sisters with a unique gift: cleaning, organizing, and decorating their space!

These are just a few of the reasons I am thankful the Lord saw fit to send us six daughters in a row.

To celebrate August birthdays (mine, Corrie's and Kissy's), Emily funded a trip to IKEA, an antique mall, and Jungle Jim's in Ohio. Here are a few pictures from our trip:

We were delighted to learn that IKEA is only 2 hours away!
Corrie and her treasures. She was looking for items with which to decorate her room.
Emily and MacKenzie: "Shopped till they dropped".
Outside Jungle Jim's

In Jungle Jim's.
Corrie's efforts in IKEA shopping paid off. Here's how her bedroom area looks:

Corrie completely decorated this area herself. The green bookshelves were constructed by Isaac and painted by Corrie.

She was unable to get the green polka-dotted comforter from IKEA, as they were out of stock. That is her next plan.

Happy 15th birthday Corrie Beth!


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